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ACCS The healthy eating guide to Bondi

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Whether you are looking for a meal out, for the perfect ingredients to cook healthily at home or for a healthy home delivered meal, Bondi serves up an abundance of fresh, healthy, affordable options for eating healthily and delicious eating. Whether it is for weight loss or clean living, the following selections make preparing your body for a procedure with Prof Colin Moore at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, simple and effective and combined with regular exercise would place your body in a great condition for surgery and swift recovery.

MasterChef’s in the making

Cook at home chefs will love the following:

Fruitman Sam

The perfect option for the time-poor. Eastern suburbs based Adam and Gavin from Fruitman Sam are dedicated to home delivering the freshest and most flavoursome fruit and vegetables direct from the grower to your door. Home delivered fruit and veg are a convenient alternative to trawling the aisles of the local supermarket staring at unhappy, limp and lifeless fruit and veg. The gents at Fruitman Sam focus on fresh and seasonal – which keeps it local. With a variety of box sizes and prices plus added extras like fresh flowers, muesli, bread you can add, Fruitman Sam offers a great home delivery option. Their e-newsletter is great offering fantastic recipes for what is in season and even ways of preserving produce. Fruitman Sam is a great way to kick off a clean eating 2016.

Naked Foods

Like to buy in bulk: beans and lentils, dried fruit, grains and cereals, chocolate and tea, muesli, nuts, seeds, paleo and gluten free? Naked Foods is a bulk shopper’s healthy delight. Bondi, the town of bikinis, beaches and bodies has gone naked, aiming to create a naked eating revolution, from their warehouse style location, stripped back packaging; they are bringing the naked movement to Sydney. Scoop your goodies from the barrels, weigh them and buy them. If you are working on making your body look better naked why not partner it up with some natural and organic wonders from Naked Foods.

Eat out or Eat in – no meal prep needed

Eat Fit Food

Celebrity endorsed and with an eat fit farm and foodies retreat attached to this delivery business makes in the ultimate Bondi package

Offering perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced meals, Eat Fit Food is not just a weight loss regime. While it may have a host of celebrity endorsements the ideas behind eat fit food don’t follow the trends or what is in fashion. The focus is on fresh, healthy, nutritional, calorie conscious food – but of course, there is a range of supplements available – just in case you need them!

Purchase 5 or 10 meal packs or subscribe to one of their meal plans; cleanse, clean and lean more 6-week programs. Meals are delivered in a cooled delivery box and can be microwaved or oven heated.

Eat Fit Food would be a great option for preparing for and surgery at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery or for an easy post-surgery meals for your recovery period to ensure a balanced diet with minimal effort to support your surgery recovery.


Bondi Wholefoods

The team at Bondi Wholefoods (known as BWF by those in the know) research all their produce, source farmers and producers to simply offer the best choice of food as their commitment to your health and longevity.

With a motto of ‘longevity through nutrition’, BWF offers nutritionally superior products. With a menu including Cacao Berry Pancakes, Shakshuka and Acai Anti-Ox Breakfast Bowls on the menu it may sound a little daunting but don’t be afraid to stop by BWF to get your longevity fix.

Paleo Café

In 2016, it would be remiss to do a healthy eating guide without offering a paleo option. Whether you subscribe to its nutritional ideology or just like the idea of a no carb option, Paleo Café Bondi Junction was the very first and original café in Australia to adopt the Paleo way. Clever business or devoted Paelo’s. Either way, it is a popular Bondi choice, offering good, clean, nutritious food made with love.

Stocking the celeb Pete Evan’s book is sure to draw in the Paleo mums in town, but they also offer a stock list on their website so you can stock up on your Paleo essentials over the phone.

If you are health conscious, image aware and looking to be at your best visit The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery for more information on what procedures can complement your look and lifestyle. Men and women can arrange a consultation, simply visit The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, complete a contact form or call us on 0414251234.

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