Anxiety’s Place in the Bedroom

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Anxiety’s Place in the Bedroom

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The bedroom is the place where you and your partner can come together uninhibited to enjoy one another to the fullest. Unfortunately, factors can sneak into your private place and affect your sexual experience in negative ways. One of those culprits, especially for men, is anxiety. There is no room for anxiety in the bedroom, but that doesn’t stop it from making an occasional appearance. If anxiety is interfering with your sex life, we have some advice to help you overcome the anxiety and restore your intimate relationship with your partner.

What is performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety is the fear men have that they won’t be able to perform in the bedroom. The stress can be a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps you from getting or holding an erection. Different types of worries can lead to performance anxiety, but the result is typically the same – a less than satisfying experience for both partners and the possibility of an ongoing obstacle in their relationship.

Causes of Performance Anxiety

The culprits behind performance anxiety can vary somewhat among men. Some of the most common issues lurking behind this issue include:

  • Fears that you will not be able to achieve or maintain an erection (particularly when this has been a problem in the past)
  • Dissatisfaction with your appearance or your body and concerns your partner will not find you sufficiently attractive
  • Problems in your relationship that begin outside the bedroom
  • Specific concerns about the size, shape or appearance of your penis
  • Worries over premature ejaculation or taking too long to obtain an erection

No matter what the cause, performance anxiety puts your focus on the mechanics of sex instead of the emotions and erotic thoughts that typically make up a satisfying sexual experience. The more you experience performance anxiety, the more consistent and prominent it can become. By seeking therapy as early as possible, talking to a psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage counsellor or another type of medical doctor to prevent the problem from worsening.

Is it performance anxiety or something else?

Some men that develop performance anxiety begin with a physical condition that prevents them from getting or keeping an erection. There are many physiological reasons why an erection may be difficult or impossible, from underlying medical conditions to hormonal imbalances and abnormalities of the penis. When these concerns keep you from “performing” during sexual activity, anxiety can develop to exacerbate the problem further.

If you are experiencing challenges with your sexual function, an examination with a physician that specialises in this area of health may pinpoint the issue and lead you to the proper treatment. By correcting the physical problem and restoring sexual performance, your anxiety may take care of itself. However, some men may still require some counselling to overcome the fear, even if a physical problem was initially to blame.

Treatment Options for Impotence

At the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Penile Surgery, Professor Colin Moore can diagnose the cause of your sexual dysfunction and help you find solutions that will improve your intimate relationships. Whether you require a medical procedure or recommendations for psychological treatment, Professor Moore can help.

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