The Benefits of Abdominoplasty Versus Nonsurgical Body Contouring

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The Benefits of Abdominoplasty Versus Nonsurgical Body Contouring

The Benefits of Abdominoplasty Sydney AU

For the majority of people in the world, gaining weight in the abdominal region isn’t uncommon. In fact, this is the area we’re constantly trying to trim down with gym memberships, New Year’s resolutions, diets and more. Of course, for some it may be that fluctuations in weight over their lifetime cause the muscles of the abdomen to become stressed and ultimately lose their shape – this happens because of the additional weight of excess skin growth and as fat cells accumulate. Additionally, as women know all too well, pregnancy changes the shape of the abdomen as the speed at which a child forms in addition to the added weight takes a toll on the female body.

After years of trying to reshape your abdomen naturally, you’ve probably come to the realisation that it’s not always possible to do so without help. Prof Colin Moore at Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery can recommend a few solutions to help you achieve a more sculpted and shapely abdomen and waistline using both surgical and nonsurgical methods. Though nonsurgical options are available, you may need to explore a procedure that works below just the surface issue, and deeper into the tissues to restructure the abdomen. This is where abdominoplasty provides benefits that nonsurgical options cannot promise. Prof Colin Moore will consult with you and discuss the problems you have with excess skin and fatty tissue before recommending surgery as an option.

Problems You May Be Looking to Solve:

  • Loose, sagging and folding skin in the abdomen (hanging gut)
  • Excess fat distribution around your abs and waistline
  • Contour imbalance
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Back strain and stress
  • Postural issues due to added weight
  • Loose or large pubic mound

To have, or not to have surgery—that is the question.

Abdominoplasty is an invasive surgery that reworks all deep tissues, and the incisions to reach these deeper tissues start at the bikini line for women, or at the pubic line for men. Here, Prof Moore pulls up the skin and performs sculpting through liposuction to remove the fat and address the muscle tissues; all redundant muscle is removed and reshaped to tack onto the body for a tighter and slimmer abdominal wall. Once he’s formed the base of the abdomen, more contouring is done to reposition and shape fat, as well as to remove all loose skin. Prof Moore will reposition the belly button and pull the skin downward, where he can close the incision with dissolvable stitches.

There will be some scarring here, but the placement is such that the scar is covered most of the time. Recovery time is about 10 to 14 days, with two days dedicated to rest at the hospital. The time you’ll need for recovery is something you should consider before you decide to have a surgical abdominoplasty, but some of the benefits to consider include:

  • Tightened abs
  • Reduced waistline
  • Tucks hanging skin
  • Shapes and contours natural body lines
  • Reshapes muscle to improve support

Surgery can help you to finally get that shape you want if you have too much stretched skin and excess fat, since this does not shrink through exercise.

Nonsurgical Options

The problem of a larger, unshapely abdomen doesn’t always require surgery – an invasive procedure is not necessarily the solution for every person looking to contour their mid to lower tummy. For those that have a slight amount of extra fat around the edges of their waistline and a bit sitting on top of the abdomen, a nonsurgical option can help to shrink that fat bulge. Nonsurgical solutions such as those that employ cryolipolysis (which destroys fat cells by freezing them) or SculpSure (which melts the cells with heat energy) are great for someone at a healthy weight. If you’re happy with your weight and are ready to simply smooth over the disproportionate bulging and uneven lines, these nonsurgical options may be beneficial.

Overall, surgery can reveal dramatic changes in the body, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not this works for you. Call Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery today on 0414 251 234 to schedule a consultation for abdominoplasty.

Prof Colin Moore