Brazilian Butt Lift 101

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Brazilian Butt Lift 101

Brazilian Butt Lift 101

Weightlifting, workouts and genetics can only get you so far when you’re looking for muscle definition and shapeliness in your buttocks; boosting sculpted volume, on the other hand, is a little difficult to achieve unless you opt for a surgical procedure. At Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, Prof Colin Moore will present you with a couple of methods that can offer you that volume you want in your buttocks while simultaneously lifting and shaping the area.

Everyone has a vision for their ideally shaped buttocks, and you may work on this area more than twice a week to achieve that goal. But the perfect shape you have in mind may be influenced by your cultural background, as well as your natural shape and build. Prof. Colin Moore offers two techniques that when used together, can address the look you’ve been dreaming of to fill out your jeans and to accentuate your physique in a way that appears as if you were born with it. Our Brazilian Butt Lift 101 will act as a guide to give you some insight into what you can anticipate from this procedure, and if it’s the surgery for you.

Your Natural Buttock Shape

When you come in for your Brazilian butt lift consultation with Prof Colin Moore, he will take some measurements of your gluteal muscles and present the ideal size you might consider that will complement the proportions of your waistline, hips and breasts. Whenever you think of having cosmetic surgery to increase volume and reshape a particular area of the body, you should always look to what you have naturally and build upon that base.

The muscle group in the buttocks has a lot to do with the shape you’re born with; if your gluteus minimus, medius and maximus are on the smaller side, then that is the shape you’ll have. During your Brazilian butt lift, we increase the appearance of muscle size by adding silicone gluteal implants underneath the gluteus maximus to boost leaner buttocks. The second technique, known as 3D fat transfer, introduces additional volume to each buttock by extracting fat from the thighs, under the arms, and tummy. We then inject it into the space between the skin and enhanced muscle to create a fuller buttock to add to your unique shape. The Brazilian butt lift procedure will take no more than three hours to complete.

Recovery and Results

You’ll be wrapped in compression bandages, and after a two-day stay in the hospital, you’ll be sent home with a list of at home exercises and instructions. After your lift procedure, the buttocks will be sensitive, and we prefer that you keep any weight off your backside for a couple of weeks. Additionally, you should not plan any air travel until a little over a month has passed, to allow your muscles and incision site to heal, as well as any transferred fat to settle. You’ll begin to see the final shape of your buttocks as swelling subsides and reveals a lifted and contoured buttock.

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