How Big Is Too Big?

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How Big Is Too Big?


There’s never a perfect solution or standard for breast augmentation using breast implants. Every woman is her own unique person, and we at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery can attest to that fact that each patient is different and there is not one particular technique that applies to all breast augmentation. Our breast augmentation procedures and their pre-surgical consultations are customised to your needs. We start where you are in these consultations, so if there’s anything you’re curious about and want to try, that is the time to learn about your options.

Educating our patients helps them make the best possible decision for breast implant size and any other cosmetic procedures. By measuring your body angles and talking to you about your lifestyle, Prof Colin Moore will make recommendations that should best fit your look so you’re happy with the enhancement that breast implants can provide. Let’s talk about your options with breast enhancement, and discuss how big is too big.

How to Choose Which Size Breast Implants for Your Body’s Frame

You’ve gone through all the magazines and have done your research on breast augmentation. Maybe you’ve asked a friend how they like their breasts after implants and if they think they chose the right size implants for their body. Whatever the conversation here produces, whether or not you’re more interested than you were before in implants, it’s a good idea to remember that not all sizes of breast implants will work from one person to the next. Think about your body shape and the balance that boosting the size of your breasts can bring to your body. When it comes to size, you don’t want to go too big, and that ratio all depends on how much existing breast tissue you have to work with. Most women think they can move up several sizes, but that option would not serve most patients unless your breasts and surrounding skin, muscle and tissue can handle it.

So what does it mean when we say that your breasts need to accommodate the implant? It means that if you have extra body fat in the breasts and a little loose breast tissue, then you can go a little larger. If you choose a size that is too big, then you’ll look disproportionate and anyone can tell you’ve had work done. Our goal is to make you look as natural as possible at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, so bigger isn’t always the way to go. When you come in for your consultation, Prof Moore will let you try out the implants we have and create a model for what your breast may look like digitally depending on the size you’re thinking of. Generally, we tell patients that thinking about the cup size they are now and bringing in a bra of the size they want is a great way to take advantage of this hands-on trial.

Some Issues Larger Breasts Create

Prof Moore only encourages larger sized implants if your skin can wear the implants well. You may not have thought about this, but the larger you go, the heavier your breasts become. Your breasts will drop a little as you age, but the larger the implant, the more you will sag naturally. Larger implants may also cause you back pain if your body is smaller in frame. These are all of the things you measure when you’re hoping to achieve your dream breast result.

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