Breast Benefits

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Breast Benefits

Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Colin Moore believes polyurethane implants are the gold standard. Aimee Surtenich reports.

Breast augmentation has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates, offering more natural-looking results than ever before. Importantly, technological advancements to the implants themselves have also meant the procedure offers greater long-term safety.

Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Colin Moore believes polyurethane-coated P-UREimplants offer the best of both worlds: enhanced, natural-looking breasts with an excellent safety profile.

‘In my experience, polyurethane-coated breast implants produce very natural-looking results while minimising the risk of the most common complications associated with breast augmentation,’ he says. ‘I believe polyurethanecoated P-URE implants have provided a significant breakthrough in breast implant surgery.’

A natural look

Most women considering breast augmentation surgery don’t want a significant increase in volume. Rather, they are seeking to enhance their natural bust size, create a more proportionate overall figure, or restore the shape and size of their breasts after breastfeeding or the ageing process. ‘A key concern for a lot of women thinking about breast augmentation is whether or not their breasts will look “natural” following surgery,’ says Dr Moore. ‘While ensuring a natural-looking result comes down to accurately measuring the proportions of each patient, I also believe that advances in breast implants mean that it is easier than ever to achieve natural-looking curves.’

Whether or not a natural look is desired, extensive consultation is essential in deciding upon the final shape, size and placement of the implant. ‘Sometimes patients describe an aesthetic which is not achievable because of their physical limitations,’ explains Dr Moore. ‘By measuring the proportions of the body, as well as skin thickness and breast tissue composition, together the surgeon and patient can determine the best breast size for the patient.’

Long-term safety

All breast implants come with the risk of rippling, moving and capsular contraction, but Dr Moore believes the risk of these is significantly less with P-URE implants.

Part of the success of polyurethane implants is their ability to reduce the rate of capsular contracture, which is the hardening and distortion of implants as the body forms a scar capsule around them. The textured surface of P-URE implants forces the body’s natural proteins to surround the implant in a criss-cross pattern, preventing contraction and lessening the chance of implant distortion.

‘A number of studies have shown there is only a one percent risk of capsular contracture with polyurethanecoated implants, which is a significant improvement on the 10 percent risk associated with saline and silicone implants,’ says Dr Moore.

‘This is one of the many reasons I believe patients should choose P-URE implants. With the right surgeon and the proper patient consultation, I believe these implants can create superior results.’

With careful planning and correct implant selection, Dr Moore believes an experienced surgeon can help women achieve the breast shape and size that best complements their overall figure and aesthetic goals.

Prof Colin Moore