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Category Archives: Scrotom Surgery

penis surgery recovery patient

What is the Recovery Time for Penis Surgery?

A man may request penis surgery for a variety of reasons, but one question tends to be common throughout – what can I expect after my procedure? The recovery from this type of surgery can cause anxiety for many men, even making them hesitant to pursue their functional and aesthetic goals due to fear about Read More…

male sexuality penile enlargement history

The History of Male Sexuality and Penile Enlargement

Throughout the history of the world and that of its most prominent figures, there have been records of penile enlargement. These treatments were, of course, not medical procedures as we know them today, these were ancient or tribal practices used to increase the length of the penis or to decorate the penis in some way Read More…

Penile Surgery Candidate

Am I a Good Candidate for Penile Surgery?

The question for many men is, how can I improve my confidence, personally and in the bedroom? As men, the most highly coveted attribute is masculinity, which first comes from the inside—how you feel about yourself—followed by the confidence that you exude. This can be influenced by a few different things, but the main issue Read More…

Permanent Penis Enlargement

Permanent Penis Enlargement. Myth or Truth

Put away your penis weights and pumps. Here are the true facts of permanent penis enlargement with the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Penile Surgery. Phalloplastyis a procedure to enlarge the penis permanently. Prof Colin Moore’s surgery is the only one capable of producing increases in erect length and can only be performed at his Read More…

Permanent Penis Enlargement

Changing the Size of your Scrotum: Reductions and Implants

Ball bag, low hangers, one nut, lefty, marble bag and hairy beanbags are the much joked about names given to the often overlooked male appendage, the scrotum. For some men the scrotum is a constant source of discomfort, embarrassment, low self-esteem, self-consciousness and may restrict his ability to participate in physical activities ranging from sex Read More…

Penile Enlargement

SYDNEY COSMETIC SURGEON DR COLIN MOORE EXPLAINS THE PROCESS AND BENEFITS OF PENILE ENLARGEMENT SURGERY. TARA CASEY REPORTS. The size and shape of a man’s penis can affect their overall confidence levels. ‘Men who seek a penile enlargement have usually suffered humiliation in a setting such as a changing room,’ explains Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Read More…

Prof Colin Moore