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How do I Find an Experienced Doctor for My Penis Surgery?

Penis surgery is a highly personal decision for a man, which can make the process of finding the right doctor for the job difficult in some cases. Men do not like to discuss their private issues in general and even opening up to a professional can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience. However, it is Read More…

Finding a Cosmetic Surgeon

Selecting your Cosmetic Surgeon: Why Experience Matters.

When you’re selecting your cosmetic surgeon it’s not size that matters but experience. You should be spending as much time researching your surgeon as you do researching the shape and size of your new breasts, nose, penis and tummy. What the FRACS is an MBBS and why the FACCS should I look for a FRCS? Read More…

Under The Covers

FEMALE GENITAL SURGERY CAN RESTORE A MORE PLEASING AESTHETIC AND BOOST SELF-CONFIDENCE, SAYS SYDNEY COSMETIC SURGEON DR COLIN MOORE. TARA CASEY REPORTS. Vaginal abnormalities can affect a woman both physically and psychologically, and can often inhibit their self-esteem and sexual pleasure. ‘There are a number of surgical options that can alleviate discomfort, pain and hygiene Read More…

Prof Colin Moore