Changing the Size of your Scrotum: Reductions and Implants

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Changing the Size of your Scrotum: Reductions and Implants

Permanent Penis Enlargement

Ball bag, low hangers, one nut, lefty, marble bag and hairy beanbags are the much joked about names given to the often overlooked male appendage, the scrotum. For some men the scrotum is a constant source of discomfort, embarrassment, low self-esteem, self-consciousness and may restrict his ability to participate in physical activities ranging from sex to sport. The staff at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery understands that contemplating changing your scrotal size through reduction or implant is a very personal experience and are qualified and experienced in discussing the procedure with you.

Let’s be clear

To be succinct, the scrotum usually consists of a very flexible and wrinkly skin sack (ball bag) which contains the two testicles (the balls). While there is no normal or standard size scrotum, it usually adjusts to the size of the testicles.

Why might your scrotum need adjusting?

Just as a woman’s breast sag with age (and the effects of gravity) so too the skin of the scrotum can sag. Men with an overly saggy, stretched scrotum skin can experience discomfort in tight clothing, suffer chafing and irritation against the thighs, feel difficulty exercising normally, self-consciousness in intimate situations and even embarrassment at having their sagging scrotum touching the toilet water when sitting down for number twos.

Some blokes may feel that a testicular prosthesis will refill their oversize empty bag achieving a fuller, more natural and balanced scrotum. Men commonly seek testicle implants to address a number of issues, including undescended testicles, testicular torsion (severe twisting of the testicle which blocks blood supply), trauma due to sport injury and removal of a testicle due to testicular cancer, undescended testicles (that dangerously remain in the groin area need to be surgically encouraged down into the scrotum or removed to eliminate a risk of cancer) or testicles may shrink from their normal size (testicular atrophy) due to hormonal imbalance.

Scrotoplasty: the long and the short of a scrotum reduction.

To lift the appearance of the testicles, scrotum reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure reducing the skin of the scrotum.

During your consultations the experienced staff at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery will discuss the several options available to you for your scrotoplasty (scrotum reduction). Using a local or twilight anaesthesia the most basic technique is simply to remove the skin only. Occasionally a small rotation of muscle or additional tissue graft is needed to reinforce the stretched and thinned skin tissue.

Retaining a natural shape along with all normal sensation is paramount in either surgical option.

As an outpatient surgery, scrotoplasty requires no overnight hospital stay. Depending upon the extent of reduction required the procedure can take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Recovery is different for each patient. You can expect some swelling and possible bruising for a couple of weeks. Ice packs can help to relieve swelling or bruising and soreness in the first couple of days. Be sensible, no motorbike riding, horse riding or bedroom gymnastics until you are completely healed. Prof Colin Moore from the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery will provide you with in depth, easy to follow post-surgery care instructions that if followed correctly will aid quick and safe recovery.

It’s a sensitive area so read about the risks. Risks are minimised when you choose an experienced, qualified surgeon such as Prof Colin Moore. Any surgery carries risks but choosing a surgeon with experience in your procedure can aid in reducing complications. Sperm viability may be affected by the procedure however it is not viewed as a major concern for most patients.

Testicle implants: restoring the balance.

Professor Colin Moore from the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery will help you decide which sized implant is best suited (yes, they come in pre-fabricated different sizes) to your existing anatomy and explain the procedure in detail. The procedure may balance the appearance of uneven testicles or replace a testicle that has been damaged. Implants can also restore the appearance of smaller, non- functioning testicles.

Implants have the real ability to restore confidence and increase your sense of masculinity. Silicone and saline testicle implants are available. The silicone implants are safe and feel very natural but are slightly firmer than a normal testicle. The saline implants are supposedly softer but are more expensive. Importantly the implant is purely cosmetic. It does not function and will not produce sperm or testosterone.

It may not seem it to you but in the hands of a qualified and professional surgeon the procedure is relatively minor. Inserting the implant takes about one hour and involves general anaesthesia. Yes, a small incision has to be made in the scrotum for the implant to be placed into position. Sutures (stitches) will close the incision and your package will be bandaged up nicely to constrict movement and assist fluid absorption.

Post-surgery, you should be set to return home 2-3 days after the operation. Back to work after about two weeks (especially if you are in a manual labour occupation), and perhaps most importantly back to bedroom work (sex) after six weeks.

Following your post-operative care plan will aid in minimising the risk of complications. Rarely occurring, risks may include infection, haematoma (blood loss into nearby tissue) and poor wound healing. Should it be required the implant can be removed.

The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery understands the sensitive nature of scrotal reduction and testicle implant and your enquiry will be treated with integrity, confidence and confidentiality.

For more information on scrotum reduction (scrotoplasty) and testicle implants or to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss these procedures, visit The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, complete a contact form or call us on 0414251234.


Prof Colin Moore