The Cons of Breast Augmentation

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The Cons of Breast Augmentation

The Cons of Breast Augmentation

When you’re set on breast implants and breast augmentation, it’s probably difficult to talk you out of it. Are we right? But that’s not what we’re doing here with our cons of breast augmentation blog. What we want to do is educate you in the best way possible as you think through all the options present in breast augmentation, from the size of the implant to the texture of shell and what’s inside. There are other things you can think about too, so you have all the information you need to say whether or not something is a good idea in the long run. Breast augmentation allows your surgeon to reshape the breasts and any natural breast tissues so that you have a symmetrical look to the breasts. In addition to that reshaping, breast implants can offer you more volume which is what most women focus on.

Are there any downsides to getting breast implants?

The Recovery Period

If you’re looking for a quick fix with fast results, breast augmentation isn’t that kind of procedure. Not that it’s a con, but it’s a common misconception patients have is that as soon as you’re done with the surgery, your breasts are ready to reveal to the world. The recovery time involved after your breast augmentation procedure is about six weeks before you can resume regular high-intensity exercise. It may also be a few months before you’ll see the final shape and size as the swelling goes down and your implants settle.


While breast implants can change the look of your breasts to something beautiful that you’ve wanted for years, there is a bit of scarring. If you’re someone that doesn’t want to see any scars, then it’s impossible to achieve that in this case. We can offer a different approach to your implant placement based on your lifestyle and if you wear bikinis in the summertime; the incision for breast implants has a few options for placement. Prof Colin Moore can cut into the breasts below the fold, so you will only see the hairline scar from below. If we do resize the nipple-areola complex, there will be light scarring here, but it will hardly be noticeable as the incision runs along its natural line.

Ageing Happens to Everyone

The breast augmentation procedure can offer amazing results to each woman, however, we all age. Ageing can change the look of the breasts all the time merely because of the natural ageing process of your body’s tissues. We cannot avoid age, thus these cosmetic enhancements don’t last forever. There are some things you can do to slow the process of dropping breasts, but most women find they’ll change their implants as the years pass and probably opt for a breast lift as well in the future.

Pricing can be a factor for some patients, and we hope you’ll take some time to think about this procedure and whether it’s right for you. If you still have questions about breast augmentation at the Australian Centre, we can help you get those answered so you can make your decision. Prof Colin Moore provides unique breast augmentation procedures that change women’s lives each day, so we see many benefits to this procedure. So call today on 0414 251 234 and find out more about your breast augmentation.

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