The History of Male Sexuality and Penile Enlargement

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The History of Male Sexuality and Penile Enlargement

male sexuality penile enlargement history

Throughout the history of the world and that of its most prominent figures, there have been records of penile enlargement. These treatments were, of course, not medical procedures as we know them today, these were ancient or tribal practices used to increase the length of the penis or to decorate the penis in some way or another. While increased size and length became the iconic staple of male dominance and sexuality, it wasn’t always the case to value large size. The increasing importance of the male genitalia—as it refers to sexuality and masculinity—has only in our lifetime become centred around size and girth.

Professor Colin Moore has perfected the art of penile enlargement in length and width based on what you want to feel when you see a reflection of yourself. But before we move into what types of penile enlargement surgeries he has perfected since his very first in the late 1960s, let’s talk about how penile enlargement became an integral piece of male confidence and a way for women to hypothesise the sexual performance of their partner. The history of male sexuality and penile enlargement may surprise you if you’ve never read about it.

A Bigger Penis Wasn’t Always Preferred

Let’s go back in time to ancient Rome and Greece, places where the most famous myths of the Gods began. Shockingly, it is known that in these masculine-dominated cultures, a small penis was preferred. Of course, we are surprised because we see a larger penis as a mark of fertility and the epitome of masculinity. In ancient Rome, smaller penis size was considered a mark of intelligence and civility; a larger penis would then mean something like an insult for some men, implying a level of primitivity or intellectual simplicity. In fact, there is a mythological God called Priapus who is depicted with an overly exaggerated penis that is always erect and outweighs the proportions of his body. Priapus is the fertility God of men in some cultures, but in Greece, he was meant as a mockery to men and brute masculinity.

However, as we move through cultures such as Japanese culture, you will notice that sexuality is dramatised and both the male and female genitalia are focused on. Not only are penises much larger, but they have tremendous detail. In Japanese culture, penises are portrayed as power markers that dominate women, with large veins protruding from the skin and larger heads—always erect. So in Greece, smaller was modest and best; in Japan, a large and serious penis was preferred. In India, for the first time, we have a tailored penis size and shape that takes female preference into account. Now, you’re starting to see why men today consider the significance of the size of their penis. Do you think about your partner and what they prefer when you think about increasing the size and shape of your penis? For some men, this school of thought is what drives them. What drives your ideal look?

Penis Enlargement Today

Now you choose what suits you.

Professor Colin Moore is a part of a revolutionary movement in aesthetic history, one in which you can finally choose to make cosmetic changes to your penis that are custom tailored to your preference. Men all over the world are making the conscious decision to make these changes to the size and shape of their penises so they can feel confident in the bedroom. Since increased size is now our cultural focus, partially because of sexual awareness and openness in our culture, more men are hoping to increase their size. You can now freely decide what you see and how you see it. Professor Moore started the Aesthetic Centre of Penile Surgery in the 1960s and has since perfected every possible issue with the look and feel of the penis. Men all over Australia can now:

  • Improve the appearance of their scrotum
  • Lengthen their penis (erect and flaccid)
  • Correct a bent penis
  • Correct hypospadias
  • Improve circulation and tissue repair to combat impotence

History no longer defines what others see, only what you see and feel. Call Australian Centre for Penile Surgery to get an idea of what your ideal look can be at 0414 251 234.

Prof Colin Moore