How do I Find an Experienced Doctor for My Penis Surgery?

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How do I Find an Experienced Doctor for My Penis Surgery?


Penis surgery is a highly personal decision for a man, which can make the process of finding the right doctor for the job difficult in some cases. Men do not like to discuss their private issues in general and even opening up to a professional can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience. However, it is critical that men work with a doctor who is experienced in penis surgery to ensure a safe and successful procedure overall. Whether you are considering surgery to enlarge the penis or to treat a host of potential conditions and issues, the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Penile Surgery has the tips you need to find the right professional for your procedure.

Why It Matters

The penis is an organ that contains an ample blood supply, which is necessary to healthy function. However, the vascular network within this organ also makes any type of surgery more involved. Even relatively simple procedures like circumcisions can involve serious bleeding complications if the surgeon performing the treatment is not well versed in the anatomy of this organ. For more extensive surgeries, such as penile enlargement or the placement of penile implants, expertise and experience are even more critical to minimising risks and ensuring a safe surgical process.

Understanding Credentials

Credentials or proper certification are some of the first factors to consider when selecting a doctor for your penis surgery. In Australia, this typically means looking for a surgeon that is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS), which is one of the highest standards granted to surgeons in this country. Other associations to watch for might include the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. These credentials indicate the surgeon you choose has completed at least 12 years of medical and surgical education and at least five years of specialist postgraduate training. These professionals are committed to the highest levels of training and experience to ensure you receive superior service, safety and care.

The Experience Factor

While the credentials listed above do provide evidence of training, when it comes to surgery on the penis, you want to explore the experience factor even further. Don’t be afraid to ask prospective surgeons how many penis surgeries the perform in a day, week or month and the types of procedures they typically do. Look for a surgeon that has been providing these services for much of their surgical career, because these professionals have the broadest base of education and experience to bring to the operating table. You can even ask the surgeon you are considering for references from previous patients so that you can learn firsthand about intangibles like their standard of care, bedside manner and follow-up.

Exploring Your Options

At your initial consultation with your surgeon, it is essential to ask about the different treatment options you might consider. In some instances, surgery is the only viable option, but you may also discover that there are other potential treatments to try first before resorting to surgery. Even if an operation is your best option, there may be different techniques to consider as your procedure is tailored to your concerns and desired outcome. Choose a doctor that is willing to explore all the possible approaches with you to ensure you move forward with the best treatment for your precise needs.

Setting Your Expectations

Before you undergo penis surgery, you want to have realistic expectations about what the procedure will – and won’t – do for you. If you are interested in penile enlargement, find out the details of just how much increase in girth and length you are likely to see after your procedure. If the surgery is recommended to treat a particular condition, determine whether the disorder will be “cured” or improved so that it is easier to manage.

Getting Ready

It is also essential to have realistic expectations about the surgery itself and the recovery process afterward. Ask about the type of anaesthesia you will be given, whether you will need to spend one night or more in the hospital and how much discomfort you might expect in the early hours and days after surgery. Inquire about the recovery time, when you will be able to return to work and other activities, and what care instructions you might need to know as you heal from your procedure. The better prepared you are for what is to come, the more positive the entire experience is likely to be for you.

Getting Comfortable

Finally, your choice of doctor for your penis surgery should be dictated by how comfortable you feel with this professional. You will be discussing very intimate concerns and asking sensitive questions, and you want to know that the discussion will be handled with discretion and complete professionalism. If the doctor does not put you at ease at the first consultation, consider meeting with another surgeon to see if that second exchange feels more comfortable.

Penis surgery is a major decision for most men, but there are steps you can take to make this process more comfortable, safer and more successful. Professor Moore understands that the process of choosing a surgeon for these procedures can be intimidating, so he and his staff will do everything possible to make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. With decades of experience in this field and his status as a pioneer of many of the surgical techniques involved, Professor Moore offers the background and training you want for your penis surgery. To learn more or schedule your consultation, contact Professor Moore today on 0414 251 234.

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