How Does Size Affect Self-Esteem?

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How Does Size Affect Self-Esteem?

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The word manhood comes to mind when referring to the male reproductive organ—the penis. No matter which way you look at it, penis size is part of the central focus of every man’s thoughts. There are average sizes we could share with you, but no one cares about the average size when they’re thinking about their own penis. Most men want to know theirs is the right size, probably larger than the average sized penis. The question is, how does size affect self-esteem and why do so many men obsess over it? Professor Colin Moore understands the issue and can explain why the penis is at this high point in a man’s psyche.

From birth, men are told that their masculinity is defined by the size and girth of their penis. The phallus is at the centre of the earth in everything and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that sentiment. Whether or not you’re someone that thinks of the male appendage as the driving focal point, you can admit that it’s not difficult to suffer from the societal backlash. For us at The Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery, we always tell our patients that we can help them enhance the look and size of their penis in any way that suits them. Our procedures are natural looking, as they balance the rest your male attributes.

Some of the main things men worry about when they suffer from low penis self-esteem is whether or not they’re circumcised and if it’s better to be one or the other. They also wonder if the width and length are in proportion to their bodies and most of all, whether or not they can please their significant other or sexual partner with this particular penis. Before you ever jump into the sac with anyone, these insecurities come to mind and most of them have been there since adolescence. We intend to help you get rid of this complex because we know you have a right to feel proud of your size and shape. As you express your concerns to Professor Colin Moore about your length and width of the penis, he will suggest the following procedures to help you improve the look and feel of it:

  • Testicle Implants: If you’re someone who suffers from disproportionate testicles, this procedure can add to the size of your testicles, so they no longer feel out of step with the penis itself. Many men find this the best way to enhance the look of their penis as well since the testicles bring out the shape and size of the penis.
  • Penis Enlargement (Lengthening and Girth): We can extend the length of your penis by cutting ties with the ligaments in the pelvic wall and the penis. Once these ligaments are cut, the penis can extend further from the body. We love this treatment because men can see as much as 5-7 cm or more increase. Adding girth to the penis is the form of fat grafting procedures is another enhancement we often do at the same time as lengthening because one often goes with the other and keeps everything in proportion.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your penis size, length and width as well as the size of your testicles, the time to fix that is now. No man should have to feel less than content with his penis because it’s the flagship of your body, no pun intended.

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