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penis surgery recovery patient

What is the Recovery Time for Penis Surgery?

A man may request penis surgery for a variety of reasons, but one question tends to be common throughout – what can I expect after my procedure? The recovery from this type of surgery can cause anxiety for many men, even making them hesitant to pursue their functional and aesthetic goals due to fear about Read More…


How do I Find an Experienced Doctor for My Penis Surgery?

Penis surgery is a highly personal decision for a man, which can make the process of finding the right doctor for the job difficult in some cases. Men do not like to discuss their private issues in general and even opening up to a professional can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience. However, it is Read More…

penis surgery patient

How does Penis Surgery Work?

Men who are not satisfied with the size or appearance of their penis may face self-confidence issues in both the locker room and the bedroom, which can have a direct influence on their penis function and quality of life overall. While surgical treatments do exist to enhance the penis, some men are hesitant to consider Read More…

male impotence patient

Psychological Impotence Explained

Impotence is a relatively common problem among men, affecting more than half of all men at one time or another according to the Cleveland Clinic. This condition can be defined as the inability of a man to obtain or keep an erection for sexual intercourse. Some men may still be fertile enough to father children, Read More…

breast surgery patient

Common Myths About Breast Procedures

Despite their immense popularity, many myths continue to persist about breast augmentation surgeries. Cosmetic practitioners — according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — performed over 34,000 breast augmentation surgeries in 2016, making it by far the most popular cosmetic surgery in Australia. The procedure has seen global popularity rise by 11 percent Read More…

butt lift patient in sydney

The Brazilian Butt Lift: implants vs. liposuction?

Few areas of the body have a greater ability to convey a woman’s femininity, health and confidence than the buttocks. Consequently, this area ranks among the highest concern of patients considering aesthetic surgeries. When a woman’s buttocks do not live up to the physical image she wants to project, it can cause extreme self-consciousness, anxiety Read More…

reasons for breast procedure sydney

4 Reasons to Consider a Breast Procedure

Breast enhancement features a variety of options today that allow women to tailor surgery to their aesthetic goals. Whether you are looking to make your breasts larger, smaller or create a more youthful body profile, there is a breast procedure for you. At the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery, we have four good Read More…

labiaplasty benefits sydney au

The Rise of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty, a type of vaginal rejuvenation, has skyrocketed in demand to become one of the top procedures performed in 2016. More than 12,000 labiaplasties were performed in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Those number marked a 39-percent increase in the procedure between 2015 and 2016. Studies have also shown demand Read More…

anxiety in the bedroom sydney au

Anxiety’s Place in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you and your partner can come together uninhibited to enjoy one another to the fullest. Unfortunately, factors can sneak into your private place and affect your sexual experience in negative ways. One of those culprits, especially for men, is anxiety. There is no room for anxiety in the bedroom, Read More…

autumn in sydney colin moore

Autumn in Sydney

Autumn is a beautiful time to enjoy Sydney to the fullest, with low humidity, mild temperatures and crisp air to serve as an indication winter is on the way. Now is the perfect time to take in all the Sydney has to offer before the colder weather starts for real. The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Read More…

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