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causes of male impotence

Reasons for Faking It (And How to Overcome Them)

Faking your enjoyment in the bedroom is never a desirable option but can feel like a necessary solution to a problem that you are unsure how to diagnose and manage. Impotence doesn’t just affect men; women can also find they are not getting the satisfaction from sex they want due to factors that affect their Read More…

male sexuality penile enlargement history

The History of Male Sexuality and Penile Enlargement

Throughout the history of the world and that of its most prominent figures, there have been records of penile enlargement. These treatments were, of course, not medical procedures as we know them today, these were ancient or tribal practices used to increase the length of the penis or to decorate the penis in some way Read More…

Penile Surgery Candidate

Am I a Good Candidate for Penile Surgery?

The question for many men is, how can I improve my confidence, personally and in the bedroom? As men, the most highly coveted attribute is masculinity, which first comes from the inside—how you feel about yourself—followed by the confidence that you exude. This can be influenced by a few different things, but the main issue Read More…

The Cons of Breast Augmentation

The Cons of Breast Augmentation

When you’re set on breast implants and breast augmentation, it’s probably difficult to talk you out of it. Are we right? But that’s not what we’re doing here with our cons of breast augmentation blog. What we want to do is educate you in the best way possible as you think through all the options Read More…


How Big Is Too Big?

There’s never a perfect solution or standard for breast augmentation using breast implants. Every woman is her own unique person, and we at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery can attest to that fact that each patient is different and there is not one particular technique that applies to all breast augmentation. Our breast augmentation Read More…

Brazilian Butt Lift 101

Brazilian Butt Lift 101

Weightlifting, workouts and genetics can only get you so far when you’re looking for muscle definition and shapeliness in your buttocks; boosting sculpted volume, on the other hand, is a little difficult to achieve unless you opt for a surgical procedure. At Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, Prof Colin Moore will present you with a Read More…

The Benefits of Abdominoplasty Sydney AU

The Benefits of Abdominoplasty Versus Nonsurgical Body Contouring

For the majority of people in the world, gaining weight in the abdominal region isn’t uncommon. In fact, this is the area we’re constantly trying to trim down with gym memberships, New Year’s resolutions, diets and more. Of course, for some it may be that fluctuations in weight over their lifetime cause the muscles of Read More…

Penis Surgery Australia

Is Penile Surgery Permanent?

A vital aspect of a man’s identity is his penis, and that includes the look, feel, and performance. If any one of these things falls by the wayside, many men feel self-conscious and struggle to maintain their confidence. Whether it’s in front of other men in the locker room at the gym or in the Read More…


5 Anti-Ageing Tips and Treatments for Your Scrotum

Women look in the mirror and think about lifting their girls into a more youthful position, so why can’t men think about the improvement of the low hanging fruit that their scrotum has become? At The Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery, we say if you’re carrying around some serious baggage in your pants Read More…


What is Hypospadias and How Can You Correct it?

Today we hope to talk to you about something a little bit uncomfortable for some, but a wonder for others. We want to talk to you about Hypospadias, which deals with the opening of the penis and the direction it opens, we’re talking about the urethra. For many of our patients, they may not have Read More…

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