Intimate surgery

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Intimate surgery


The number of procedures being performed to correct problems in the female genital region is on the rise as women realise there are options to alleviate discomfort and improve sexual pleasure. Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Colin Moore outlines some of the solutions available.


Some women have a large vagina resulting from stretching of the sling muscles of the vagina. This most commonly occurs following the birth of a large baby or multiple babies, or they may simply be born with a large vagina. The condition may make intercourse a less than satisfactory experience. ‘This can be treated by an operation to tighten the sling muscles with the removal of the excess lining of the vagina,’ says Dr Moore. ‘The operation is performed as a day procedure, and the patient must refrain from penetrative sex for six weeks.’


According to Dr Moore, labiaplasty is the most frequently sought genital procedure. In this case the labia minora are hypertrophic and protrude beyond the margins of the labia majora. This can cause irritation, particularly when wearing tight underwear or tight-fitting jeans.

Treatment involves trimming the labia minora back to the same level as the labia majora and sometimes to also trim an excessive clitoral hood, though care needs to be taken not to expose the clitoris because of the possible risk of desensitisation.

Labia majora enhancement

Some degree of atrophy of the labia majora is not uncommon after pregnancy or as a natural result of ageing. ‘Traditionally, enhancement is performed using fat transfers, including dermal fat grafts, the latter giving a permanent result,’ explains Dr Moore. ‘Temporary fillers can also be used but will require repeat injections.

G-spot enhancement

The G-spot lies on the front wall of the vagina and its stimulation during sexual activity produces the so-called G-spot, or uterine orgasm. ‘The G-spot can be augmented to make it more prominent, therefore making a G-spot generated orgasm more likely or more intense,’ says Dr Moore. ‘This can be achieved by using fillers or dermal fat grafts.’ After the procedure, orgasms should be avoided for about 10 days if a filler has been used or around six weeks in the case of fat grafts.

Clitoral recession

Some women have an unduly enlarged clitoris. While this does not usually cause discomfort, many women desire to have it reduced. ‘An operation borrowed from a paediatric condition called the adrenogenital syndrome is used to reduce the size of the clitoris by shrinking it,’ explains Dr Moore. ‘No real clitoral substance is lost and there is no interference with the clitoral orgasm.’

All of the above procedures, performed individually or in combination, are usually carried out as day surgery under general anaesthetic. As with any surgery, there is an inherent risk of possible complications, however when performed by an appropriately trained surgeon in an accredited operating theatre, these risks are minimal

Prof Colin Moore