Penis Enlargement: Finding the Balance Between Size and Shape

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Penis Enlargement: Finding the Balance Between Size and Shape

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Men all over the world look for insight into the idea of average penis size and shape. Prof. Colin Moore has taken it upon himself to provide the best possible solutions to these worries about penis shape, function and size because they all work together to build male confidence in everyday activities, lifestyle and sexual confidence. There has always been an increasing amount of research focusing on the effects of these issues on the male population, and we hear it all the time, is my penis too small or too thin? For every male patient who comes to us with these questions, we first talk objectively about this and explain the global average and compare it to what we see physically.

*The average size penis (erect penis) is anywhere from five to seven inches long.

We can’t all be the same and a little diversity makes the world go around. While we won’t tell you if you’re on target with perfection, we will say that Prof. Moore wants you to feel as masculine and content as you should with your personal body parts, your penis is important. So, the procedures that would help men increase their size and shape is penis enlargement, that we take excellent care to perfect over the years of experience we have in the realm at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery. This penis enlargement surgery will help you to change this size and shape issue and we must find the perfect balance for you in consultation with Prof. Colin Moore.


Changing the Length of Your Penis with Phalloplasty

We call penis enlargement surgery phalloplasty, and it will help to lengthen the size your penis. To accomplish this penis enlargement goal, there is a particular muscle ligament that connects the penis to the wall of the pelvis. To extend what we see in a flaccid or erect penis this tethering ligament is severed to offer a loosening of the penis from the wall so it can further lengthen beyond the usual amount. Prof. Colin Moore makes a small incision in the lower portion of the abdominal wall to expose the ligaments and cut them cleanly. He will then replace tissues here in the space left between the loosened ligaments and the newly released portion of the penis with tucking in of those ligaments.

For most men, this would mean an increase of up to one-third of the size you see because that is what’s hidden inside the body. Many men are shocked to find that this is the concealed length of the penis, which is a considerable length if you think about it. Some men will see up to 5-7 or more centimetres of length increase, and this makes our patients very happy with this lengthening result. Prof. Moore is the one and only surgeon to accomplish results like this throughout Australia.


Increasing the Width and Shape of Your Penis

Did you know that length isn’t the only thing that we can increase for you at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery? We can also surgically alter the width of the shaft and most men also have this procedure done in addition to their lengthening process where the ligament is cut and the penis is lengthened. If you have an increase in size and length you see and feel a whole new you and we absolutely want you to feel amazing after these procedures.

To increase the width of the penis, Prof. Colin Moore will use fat grafting methods, not fatty tissue injections, that will layer the penis and increase its girth over time. These procedures are safe and Dr. Moore has years of experience as the pioneer and spokesperson for penile enlargement for all men everywhere. If you think that you can benefit from this procedure, then give us a ring to schedule a penile enlargement surgery on 0414 251 234.

Prof Colin Moore