Post Baby Surgery: intimate surgery to restore female genitalia

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Post Baby Surgery: intimate surgery to restore female genitalia

Mummy is in need of a makeover. And I’m not talking the slap on some lipstick, blow dry your hair and buy a new pair of shoes kind. This is the kind of makeover that can only be achieved through intimate surgery to restore and repair parts that have been stretched, loosened or damaged due to childbirth, ageing or trauma.

Professor Colin Moore at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney, is an expert in intimate female surgery, having performed ‘mummy makeover’ procedures on patients for the last 30 odd years. A leading expert in this field, he works together with patients to devise a specialised surgical program to suit each individual patient.

So what exactly is involved in this type of intimate surgery?


Concerns relating to the appearance and function of the vagina, labia and pubic region are normal and common among many women, especially after giving birth. Some women may also experience vaginal irregularities due to surgical removal of cancer, trauma, previous procedures or other congenital defects.

These types of conditions are not uncommon and can be treated safely and effectively. Vaginoplasty can help restore confidence, sexual satisfaction and sensation.

Muscle Up
A vaginoplasty is a one-day procedure that involves tightening the sling muscles in the vagina by lifting them, removing excess vaginal lining and then reattaching these muscles with tightening.

To completely tighten the vaginal muscles requires a extremely relaxed pelvic floor. The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery offers the procedure under general anesthetic, to achieve best results and avoid complications.

Too tight?

While significant improvements can be achieved through this surgery, it’s important to be aware that surgery may not fully restore the vagina to its original state. In that case, additional vaginal restoration can be achieved with laser vaginoplasty after you have completed your surgical vaginoplasty

You also want to avoid over-correction, as this can reverse the issues of stretched vaginal muscles, causing cramps and spasms during sex.


Labioplasty refers to a range of female genital surgery that can help restore the appearance and function of the external area of the female genitalia. But remember, no hanky-panky for six weeks after a labioplasty procedure to ensure best results.

Labia Minora reduction
For many women, larger labia minora (the inner folds or lips of the opening to the vagina), can cause irritation, discomfort during sexual activity, difficulty exercising, poor hygiene, as well as insecurity and low self esteem.

Labia minora reduction is a procedure that reduces the size of larger labia minora so they no longer protrude outward. Some patients are also concerned with the often swollen and roughened appearance of the free edge of the inner labia. Each of these concerns can be addressed with this procedure.

Labia Majora remodeling
Similarly to labia minora, the labia majora may also be larger than usual as a result of childbirth or ageing, but can also appear deflated from lack of volume. There are a number of ways these concerns can be addressed, which vary according to the patient’s individual needs and anatomy.

Labia majora fat injections can be performed to increase the fullness of the outer lips of the vagina, or the area can be reduced using liposuction if there is an abundance of fat. If excess, stretched skin is the cause of the change in the labia majora, skin from the inner surfaces of the labia can be removed in discreet locations to reduce protrusion and create a neater appearance.

Clitoral hood reduction
Some women experience a stretched or enlarged clitoris and clitoral hood, which can cause discomfort, skin irritation, infection and can interfere with sexual stimulation.

Reducing the sides of the clitoral hood is often part of a combined labioplasty procedure, but can also be performed on its own. For some women, the degree of protrusion of the clitoris can feel and appear like a very small penis, which can cause deep insecurity and sexual anxiety. For these women, a clitoral hood reduction can provide dramatic relief.

Every body is different and the Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery offers a range of intimate surgery options to cater for your individual needs and preferences. In some cases, Vaginoplasty and Labioplasty can be combined to achieve best results.
So if this sounds like your kind of makeover, arrange a confidential consultation with The Australian Centre For Cosmetic Surgery, Sydney by calling 0414 251 234 or 0414 250 241 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Prof Colin Moore