Congenital Penile Chordee

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Congenital Penile Chordee

Congenital penile chordee is a condition where the head of the penis curves in an erect state. The condition can be detected in an infant, but is frequently noted once a man reaches sexual maturity and identifies the significant curvature of the erect penis.

There is no known cause of congenital penile chordee. The curve may form in any direction: up, down, left or right, and it may go undetected as it does not cause any pain or scarring. The condition is also not usually associated with any injury or penis shortening. The penis will appear to have too much elasticity on one section compared to the rest of the penis. Discomfort is not felt while the penis is erect, however there may be some pain during sexual intercourse for either the man or their partner. A consultation with Prof Moore will determine if the curvature requires surgical treatment, which is typically an outpatient procedure

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The procedure presents a low risk for penile shortening as well as long-term post-operative discomfort and erectile dysfunction.

Prof Colin Moore