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A buried or hidden penis is not an issue most men feel comfortable seeking treatment for, but it is a relatively common problem. The condition occurs when the length of the penis is concealed from view inside the body. The opening for the penis still exists but the head is often flush with the opening.

A hidden penis can be present at birth or develop over time and is usually accompanied by acute self- consciousness in one’s appearance and feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom.

Basic functions like urination can also be impacted by this condition, with a higher risk for certain complications. For these reasons, surgery is often recommended to reverse the buried penis and extend the shaft from the body once again. Professor Moore offers surgical treatment for hidden penis at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery, helping men find restoration of both appearance and function with long-lasting results.

Reasons Behind a Hidden Penis

A hidden penis may be present at birth or develop over time in either childhood or during the adult years. Some of the causes of this condition might include:

  • Birth deformities such as weakened ligaments that attach the penis to the internal structure
  • Circumcision that results in the removal of too much foreskin, leading to scar tissue that can pull the penis inward and cause painful erections
  • Lymphedema or collection of lymphatic fluid in the scrotal sac, allowing the penis to become hidden within the swollen tissue
  • Peyronie’s disease, which occurs when internal scar tissue forms that leads to a significant and often painful bend in the penis
  • Morbid obesity, since additional fat around the scrotal area can also cause the penis to become buried

Even the natural process of ageing can result in a buried penis in some men. Men who are born with a small penis may also develop this issue later in life, exacerbating the problem of penile size. While weight loss can help alleviate the condition in some circumstances, surgery is often the preferred treatment approach as it has the ability to result in dramatic improvement quickly. In cases where sagging skin and excess fat is the cause, a penis can be surgically corrected by excising skin and fat to lift the pubic region. Professor Moore will assess the reasons behind your buried penis to determine whether surgery is the right option for you.

Potential Complications of Hidden Penis

While a hidden penis may not be a significant medical concern on its own, the condition can lead to uncomfortable and even severe complications in some cases. These complications might include:

  • Inability to urinate from a standing position
  • Frequent bacterial infections due to challenges in keeping the area clean and dry
  • Skin around the head of the scrotum may become inflamed and painful
  • Inability to get an erection or painful erections that prevent satisfactory intercourse

These are the physical concerns that often surround a hidden or buried penis. However, the psychological impact of the condition usually goes much deeper and can be more challenging to overcome for many men.

Psychological Impact of a Hidden Penis

Whether it is present at birth or develops over time, a buried penis can have a profoundly adverse psychological effect on many men. The toll this condition can have on a man’s self-esteem often runs deep, keeping him from forming intimate relationships and even affecting his ability to socialise with his peers. It is not atypical for men to suffer mental illnesses like depression and anxiety due to their low self-confidence levels and their lack of close relationships. The problem also affects a man’s partner, mainly if the condition develops over time and causes changes to their intimate life.

Treatment Options

Surgical treatment is usually the best option for treating a buried penis. The extent of the procedure depends on the severity of the patient’s condition and their anatomy, which Professor Moore will explain thoroughly after a physical assessment during the confidential consultation process. He usually performs this procedure as day surgery under general anaesthetic.

Some of the specific problems that might also be addressed during hidden penis surgery include:

Scar Tissue Elimination

When scar tissue is the primary cause of the buried penis, surgical removal of the scarring is required to restore the position of the penis. Z-plasty techniques are typically employed for this purpose to reduce the appearance of scarring after the procedure. Once the scarring is removed, the shaft is released to return to its original state.

Penoscrotal Webbing

Penoscrotal webbing, which can also be a contributing factor in a hidden penis, occurs when the skin of the scrotum becomes attached to the underside of the penis. This concern can also be addressed by removing the tissue contributing to the webbing effect. Z-plasty can also be used for this process, although an additional vertical incision is sometimes added in more severe cases.

Fat Removal

Lipectomy may be added to the procedure if the problem is primarily attributed to weight gain. This process involves the insertion of a small tube to suction away unwanted fat cells, creating a slimmer contour. Excision of loose skin will be combined with the lipectomy to reduce sagging of the scrotum and to ensure natural results.

Skin Grafting

Skin grafting is often required during hidden penis surgery to cover the penile shaft. When a graft is needed, it is most frequently taken from the thigh. Professor Moore will use techniques to minimise the appearance of visible scarring in both areas after the procedure.

Professor Moore will determine the right technique and process before your surgery, so you will know exactly what to expect during and after your procedure. Recovery time will depend on the specific method performed, but most men are back to activities within a week. Heavy exercise and intercourse will be restricted much longer to give the penis ample time to heal.

If you are suffering the physical and psychological consequences of a buried penis, help is available. Schedule your confidential consultation with Professor Moore today by phoning the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery on 0414 251 234.

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