Testicle Implants Sydney

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Testicle implants can be used to balance the appearance of uneven testicles, or replace a testicle that has been damaged. Men commonly seek testicle implants to tend to a number of issues, including undescended testicles, testicular torsion (severe twisting of the testicle which blocks blood supply), trauma due to sport injury and removal of a testicle due to testicular cancer.

Testicle implants can also restore the appearance of smaller, non-functioning testicles and greatly enhance a man’s diminished confidence and sense of masculinity. During the consultation process, Professor Moore will help you decide which sized implant is best suited to your existing anatomy and explain the procedure in an in-depth manner.

The procedure to insert the implant takes about one hour and involves general anaesthesia. A small incision is made in the scrotum and the implant is inserted into position. The incision is then closed using sutures, and then bandaged to help with fluid absorption and movement constriction. Patients typically return home The same day of the operation and return to work after about two weeks. Sexual intercourse can be resumed after six weeks.

Complications associated with the procedure are rare, but may include infection, hematoma (blood loss into the surrounding tissue) and poor wound healing. If proper post-surgery care instructions are followed, the risk of complications is low and pain is easily manageable in most cases.

Prof Colin Moore