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Buttock augmentation has become a very popular body enhancement procedure. This can be achieved by one of two techniques. Liposuction combined with lipoinjection of fat into either the fat of the buttock or into the gluteal muscles. Or secondly intramuscular implanting of a prosthesis (like a breast implant) into the gluteal muscles.

The former site produces good initial results that are, unfortunately, not long lasting. If one is lucky the fat gradually reabsorbs & the augmentation disappears. If one is not so lucky the fat persists as lumps resulting in a distorted shape to the buttock.

In an attempt to achieve better fat survival injection can be done into the gluteal muscles. Unfortunately, because of the large veins in the gluteal area, which can be damaged allowing fat to enter the blood stream which may result in permanent blindness & damage to other organs from blockage to their arteries from fat. Worse than this there is a 5% death rate from fat embolism in a large series of cases of intramuscular fat injection reported in The journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (July 2015).

Thus because of the temporary & less than safe nature of lipoinjection to either the fat layer or the muscles of the buttock The Australian Centre for Cosmetic/Genital surgery does NOT offer lipoinjection for buttock augmentation but only offers buttock augmentation by buttock intramuscular prosthesis which is much safer and IS permanent.

The results can be tailored to the patient’s requirements. The operation takes 2-3 hours, is day surgery but requires that the patient not sit on their new buttocks for 4-6 weeks. This latter requirement also applies to the fat injection technique.

Prof Colin Moore