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Many women are bothered by the inner lips (Labia Minora) of their vulvas. Most commonly they complain that the labia are too long & stick out. Such inner labia that protrude beyond the outer lips cause chaffing, especially in tight clothing, may cause urinary infections & are generally less appealing aesthetically.

It is important to know just what concerns the patient. Is it just that the inner lips protrude or are they concerned about the often swollen & roughened appearance of the free edge of the inner labia?

If the concern is just excess protrusion then it is possible to preserve the free edge by reducing the size of the inner labia by a wedge type excision. If the free edge is at least part of the problem then the only approach that will deal with this problem is linear amputation of the inner labia such that they lie just within the outer labia & are no longer visible when the patient stands.

What is involved in the procedure?

A labioplasty involves excising and sealing excess, roughened tissue that can cause the labial folds to look asymmetrical or stretched. Younger patients usually opt for labioplasty alone to correct an uneven appearance of the labial folds. Essentially, if a roughened edge is the issue, this needs to be removed. If not, the edges of the labia minora are slightly reduced back to the same level as the labia majora, and often excess skin covering the clitoral hood is also reduced.

For some women, a labioplasty procedure can be especially beneficial in improving vaginal hygiene. Larger labia can cause urine to be trapped in the area, allowing bacteria from the bowel to migrate and colonise in the urethra.

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