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While many women feel confident seeking anti-ageing and cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their face and body, feeling insecure about the appearance of intimate areas of the female body might not stir the same confidence in seeking cosmetic enhancement.

Concerns relating to the appearance of the vagina, labia and pubic region are normal and common among many women, especially after giving birth. Professor Moore is qualified in genital surgery and highly experienced in female sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation, and has helped many women restore their confidence, sexual relationships and regain a sense of femininity.

There are many options available to correct and enhance the appearance of the vagina, which can be discussed with Professor Moore in a confidential consultation.

Labiaplasty refers to many types of female genital surgery which can help restore the appearance and function of the external area of the female genitalia. These procedures include labia minora reduction, labia majora reduction or augmentation, clitoral hood reduction and clitoral augmentation.

For many women, enlarged labia and issues with outer areas of the vagina can cause irritation, discomfort during sexual activity and difficulty exercising, as well as deep insecurity and low self esteem.

For many women, larger labia minora – the inner longitudinal folds or ‘lips’ of the opening of the vagina – can cause great discomfort, especially while wearing tighter clothes or during sexual intercourse. Labia minora reduction is a procedure that reduces the size of larger labia minora so that they do not protrude outward from the outer lips of the vagina.

Other Female Genital Surgery Procedures:

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