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There are several options available for women who are unsatisfied with their current breast size, shape, feel and appearance. Women commonly seek breast surgery to improve the contours of their body, bring back the symmetry of their breasts and boost their self-esteem. For some women, they wish to bring their breasts back to normal after significant weight loss, breast feeding or surgical removal.

Breast augmentation can increase the breast size, change the breast shape and return symmetry to the breasts. However, women who are happy with their breast volume may opt for a breast lift, which restores the breasts from their sagging position.

Breast reduction surgery is performed on women who suffer both emotionally and physically from carrying breasts that are too large for their frame. Most women seeking breast reduction express feelings of embarrassment, discomfort, pain and frustration from living with breasts that are too large. Exercising can be uncomfortable, if not unachievable. Most women with big breasts wear more than one bra, both day and night, and cannot buy and wear the clothes that they desire. Sometimes they are mocked and teased about their breasts and can suffer neck, back and shoulder pain as a result of their disproportionate breast size.

During the consultation process, Prof Moore may suggest either a breast augmentation or a breast lift, or he may suggest the two be combined. It is important to understand that any breast surgery is performed to create a size and shape that is in proportion to your body.  The results of breast surgery are not only physically pleasing, but mentally and emotionally satisfying. Following breast surgery, self-esteem, perception of the body image and confidence in everyday situations can improve. Clothes fit better, and you may have a better selection of clothing to choose from with your new shape. Patients are typically happier and relieved with their new shape.

Breast revision surgery is performed after breast augmentation and breast reduction have taken place. This secondary surgery is performed when a woman is looking to increase or decrease her implant size, change her implant shape, have her implant surgery corrected or is concerned about the condition of the implants.

Prof Colin Moore