Selecting your Cosmetic Surgeon: Why Experience Matters.

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Selecting your Cosmetic Surgeon: Why Experience Matters.

Finding a Cosmetic Surgeon

When you’re selecting your cosmetic surgeon it’s not size that matters but experience. You should be spending as much time researching your surgeon as you do researching the shape and size of your new breasts, nose, penis and tummy.

What the FRACS is an MBBS and why the FACCS should I look for a FRCS?

FRACS Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

A Specialist Plastic Surgeon with the letters “FRACS” appearing after his or her names is accredited to perform invasive cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. It is a distinction only awarded to specialist surgeons who have completed a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education with at least 5 years of specialist postgraduate training. It is important to note that RACS is the only College in Australia that is accredited by the Commonwealth Government to deliver specialist surgical training. Upon completion of their surgical education and training, qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons become ‘Fellows’ of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS).

FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

This fellowship provides accreditation from one of the oldest, most prestigious and respected surgical bodies. Fellows indicate a surgeon has successfully completed a rigorous process to ensure his or her professional competence. Fellows must pass three examinations based on their specialty.

FACCS Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons

Requires that fellows or members must have tangible evidence that they are keeping up to date in their speciality through ongoing education and are continually elevating the quality of care they provide to patients.

MBBS Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

This title is awarded to medical practitioners after graduating from university. It is a basic medical degree.

Comparing apples and oranges: how do I make the choice?

Here are four tips to help you select your surgeon.

  1. The Consultation (aka the interrogation)

Book in consultations with a selection of surgeons who specialise in your surgery area. Consultations should last around 30 minutes and are your opportunity to learn all about the surgeon and their experience level. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Ask questions relating to their qualifications and experience. How many surgeries similar to yours have they performed? Do they continually expand on their expertise with formal training? Study before and after shots for evidence of consistent results. Does the surgeon listen to what you are looking to achieve and understand why you want the procedure? An experienced one will. If you have a question about their experience now is the time to ask. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Don’t feel guilty about interrogating your surgeon to be. They expect it and feel more confident taking you on as a patient if they know you are doing your research on them and the procedure. You don’t have to book a procedure with a surgeon just because you met them. Remember they have to approve you as a suitable patient for surgery as much as you decide to select them.


  1. Stick your nose in their business.

Stick it in everywhere. Where does your surgeon operate out of? How does the facility rate; does it meet health and safety standards? Is it a registered unit or hospital? What are the costs associated with the procedure? Take a look at the surgical area. Who else will take part in the surgery? How many nurses will be present during the surgery and recovery? Google them, Facebook stalk them. How do they rate in the online world? Are there positive testimonials and reviews? An experienced surgeon will be well represented online and will encourage you to question their business to make your informed decision.

3) You may not like your gut but trust it.

Now is not the time for rash decisions. Are you 100% that this surgery is for you? Are you 100% that your surgeon is experienced and the perfect match for you? Are you content in yourself that you are doing this for the right reasons? Do you have adequate support at home to assist you with your recovery? Have you taken ample time to make sure cosmetic surgery is for you? An experienced surgeon will never consult with you and undertake a procedure on the same day. They will determine if you have taken the time to appropriately consider your procedure and the reasoning behind it.

  1. Are you feeling the love?


Bedside manner may seem old fashioned but an experienced surgeon will be genuine and sincere at their patient’s bedside. Ultimately you will be spending quite a bit of time with your cosmetic surgeon both before and after surgery. Don’t be blasé, surgery is a big deal. You need to feel comfortable and confident that your surgeon and their team are experienced and can guide and support you through the entire process. Are you made to feel welcome by all members of staff? Do you clearly understand the fees involved? Ask yourself, do I like spending time with this surgeon? Can you trust them to recommend what is safe, effective and up to date for your procedure? Does this surgeon’s previous results compare to the outcome you desire to achieve.


Why is experience the key?

Choosing the correct cosmetic surgeon is a decision that changes your life and for most procedures, for the length of your entire life. An experienced surgeon is integral to the success of a procedure. A successful outcome will increase your confidence, boost self-esteem and create a ripple effect of positivity in your entire personal, work and day to day life. A procedure performed by an inexperienced surgeon increases the risk of a poor result potentially leading to more surgeries, additional financial and emotional costs, frustration and a sense of disappointment.


Director of Surgery, Professor Colin Moore FRCS FRACS FACCS has all the letters after his name you should look for in a cosmetic surgeon. With over 40 years of experience Professor Colin Moore and The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery team are committed to delivering satisfying results to patients.

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Prof Colin Moore