The Brazilian Butt Lift: implants vs. liposuction?

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The Brazilian Butt Lift: implants vs. liposuction?

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Few areas of the body have a greater ability to convey a woman’s femininity, health and confidence than the buttocks. Consequently, this area ranks among the highest concern of patients considering aesthetic surgeries. When a woman’s buttocks do not live up to the physical image she wants to project, it can cause extreme self-consciousness, anxiety or even lack of self-worth. Despite women’s best efforts to remedy these shortcomings themselves, the buttocks area remains among the least responsive to diet and exercise. This means women must find other ways to address their concerns and many will look to cosmetic surgery procedures for a solution.

Fortunately, woman have two well-established and effective options available to them to achieve the look they want in this key area. These two major surgical treatments take very different approaches to enhancing this area and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Having a solid understanding of each procedure and listening to the advice of your doctor can help you make the right choice in fulfilling your personal aesthetic goals.

Liposuction and implants, two solutions to one problem

Ultimately patients want backside with a pleasing overall appearance — fuller cheeks, better projection and an attractive overall shape. Doctors realise their patient’s goals in two major ways, either with implants or through fat transfer, or liposuction.


Implants give doctors the ability to tailor the amount of fullness produced based on the patient’s desired look. During surgery, the doctor will position the implant in or above the gluteal muscle tissue to achieve the patient’s desired overall shape. Silicone implants in various forms have existed for decades in cosmetic enhancement procedures and are common and well-accepted within the medical community. Doctors perform the procedure in a hospital as a day surgery and patients must wear support garments after the procedure for two to three weeks.


With fat transfer techniques, doctors can also pinpoint the patient’s desired volume. The doctor will remove fat through incisions from donor sites — usually the inner arm, abdomen or thigh areas — treat the fat and inject it into the buttocks area. While also a day surgery, patients must not sit or sleep on their backside for two weeks to ensure optimal blood flow to the living fat tissue. Patients will have multiple sites to care for during recovery; the donor areas as well as the areas where the fat was injected.

The Risks and the Rewards of Implants and Liposuction

Implants provide immediate and lasting results. Patients will retain the full volume of the implant and see their new shape as soon as swelling subsides, usually about three months after surgery. While any implant incurs the risk of leakage or rupture, risks associated with either occurrence remain very low. Implant recipients may also face the slight risk of implant movement but this also occurs very infrequently. Butt implants also offer a very lasting cosmetic solution as they will generally last eight to 12 years and require no follow-up procedures during that time. Patients should note however that on average, butt implant procedures generally cost more than liposuction procedures.

Liposuction patients may see a very natural look after treatment. However, they should only expect to retain between 60 percent and 80 percent of the original fat volume transferred at the time of surgery since the body will reabsorb some of this fat. Surgery candidates will also enjoy reduced fat in the donor sites which will further enhance their overall look. Transferred fat will tend to fluctuate in volume as all fat in the body does from changes in diet or exercise routines. Fat transfer procedures have their own inherent risks. Fat may die (fat necrosis) or enter the bloodstream during surgery and cause a blockage (fat embolism) which poses severe risks. Also, patients may face an increased risk of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) after this procedure.

So…do I choose liposuction or implants?

Taking these factors into consideration, Professor Moore strongly believes that butt implants provide the best solution for his patients. Since butt implants tend to last longer and produce more consistent results compared to fat-transfer surgeries, Professor Moore not only recommends butt implant procedures but performs them exclusively throughout his practice. His belief is borne out from his more than 40 years of experience performing aesthetic surgical procedures.

If you feel like a butt lift procedure will give you the look, self-esteem and self-confidence you desire and wish to discuss your options in greater detail, give the Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery a call on 0414 251 234. Professor Moore will provide you with comprehensive information on your surgical options as well as a full diagnostics to determine your candidacy, establish your aesthetic goals and custom tailor a procedure plan specifically for you.

Prof Colin Moore