The Rise of Labiaplasty

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The Rise of Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty, a type of vaginal rejuvenation, has skyrocketed in demand to become one of the top procedures performed in 2016. More than 12,000 labiaplasties were performed in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Those number marked a 39-percent increase in the procedure between 2015 and 2016. Studies have also shown demand for the surgery has grown in Australia, including a 2015 study published in Australian Family Physician.

Why is a cosmetic procedure to change the appearance of the vagina becoming so popular across the globe? It turns out that many women are turning to the benefits this procedure offers. There are a variety of reasons why the Australian Centre for Cosmetic & Genital Surgery is seeing so many female patients request labiaplasty today.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that targets the inner lips of the vagina, known as the labia minora. It can also address the outer lips, or the labia majora, in select cases. At the Australian Centre for Cosmetic & Genital Surgery, we primarily focus on the labia minora, as that is the area that tends to give women the most concern. When these lips protrude too far outside of the vagina, they can cause physical discomfort and cosmetic embarrassment for some patients. By trimming the labia, we can create a more attractive, comfortable vaginal opening that can improve a woman’s quality of life overall.

Enlarged labia may be a factor in a host of issues for a woman, beyond making her uncomfortable about her appearance. Some women find the extended lips make some types of clothing uncomfortable or show in snug-fitting garments like bathing suits or yoga pants. The labia can also lead to skin irritation and even vaginal infections. Intercourse may become uncomfortable as well.

Why do Women Want it?

As labiaplasty has become a more common procedure offered by plastic surgeons and other physicians, women realise there is a treatment for enlarged labia that is both safe and effective. This knowledge has created demand for the surgery for a variety of reasons:

  • A desire to improve their appearance “down there” to increase their confidence in the bedroom
  • Suspicious that their enlarged labia may be contributing to recurrent skin rashes or vaginal infections
  • Women are physically uncomfortable or embarrassed about their appearance in some clothing
  • The enlarged labia are uncomfortable and make some activities (like riding a bicycle) painful
  • The perception that smaller labia are more attractive
  • Increase in Brazilian waxes has made enlarged labia more prominent

No matter what a patient’s reason for seeking labiaplasty might be, Professor Moore at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic & Genital Surgery will take the time to discuss the choice to be sure a patient is choosing the surgery for her reasons and not to satisfy to desires of another person.

How is it Performed?

Professor Moore performs labiaplasty using general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation. He uses two different techniques for this surgery; a wedge excision that preserves the free edge of the labia, or a linear excision if the free edge is a part of the problem. Rest assured Professor Moore will select the best technique for you to produce the most attractive and comfortable outcome. He will also take great care to keep incisions – and post-operative scarring – safely hidden in the folds of your vagina.

Most labiaplasty surgeries are performed as day surgeries, but you will need to take a few days after the procedure to rest and recovery. While you should be back to most activities within a week, you will be restricted from strenuous exercise and intercourse for longer to give the labia ample time to heal. Once your recovery is complete, you should enjoy permanent results from your procedure.

Labiaplasty Benefits

Women that undergo labiaplasty find there are many benefits after the procedure. Some experience fewer infections due to a reduction in skin irritation and better hygiene of the area. Others find that some clothing and activities they avoided before labiaplasty are now comfortable once again. Post-labiaplasty patients also report greater comfort and satisfaction during sex.

You may have different reasons for considering labiaplasty. No matter what those reasons might be, you can take the next step today by scheduling your private consultation with Professor Moore. Contact the Australian Centre for Cosmetic & Genital Surgery today on 0414 251 234 to find out if labiaplasty is right for you.

Prof Colin Moore