5 Anti-Ageing Tips and Treatments for Your Scrotum

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5 Anti-Ageing Tips and Treatments for Your Scrotum


Women look in the mirror and think about lifting their girls into a more youthful position, so why can’t men think about the improvement of the low hanging fruit that their scrotum has become? At The Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery, we say if you’re carrying around some serious baggage in your pants then there’s something you can do about it as a man. Every man has looked at their scrotum in the mirror and thought about the look of their balls, whether they’re too wrinkled, too out of proportion to their penis, or hang much too low. There’s no reason to feel ashamed because these are valid points that many of our male patients feel self-conscious about aesthetically. Prof Colin Moore has a few recommendations to help you keep the ball in your court with anti-ageing tips and treatments for your scrotum:

Scrotum Reduction Surgery

This quick surgery takes just under an hour to do with Prof Colin Moore. Any loose skin around the scrotum could use a fast lift with just a little removal of the skin and tightening of the scrotal structure. A scrotum reduction could save you chafing and skin irritations as you go about your day, exercise and if you wear tight-fitting pants.

Wear Supportive Underwear

If you’ve ever thought about a little trimming of the excess skin in your wrinkled scrotum, supportive underwear is the first post-procedure recommendation. Just after scrotum reduction, we provide our patients with a list of our top choices. More and more men are turning to draw-string underwear that allows them to adjust the pocket that’s meant to lift your scrotum and reduce the pull of gravity on your boys.

Eat Your Spinach

There’s a reason Olive never went for Bluto in Popeye; Bluto never ate his spinach and spinach helps maintain the firmness of the whole package down there. Spinach is packed with a wealth of homegrown nutrients which is the saviour of sperm production and provides a little boost in the size of your testicles.

Wider Bike Seats, Boys

If you’re worried about the deep creases in your scrotum and stretching skin, small or narrowed bike seats can make it much worse. Think about upgrading your bike seat for one that’s a little less skinny so you can bless your scrotum with less stress.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to help reduce the aged look in your scrotum, then call Prof Colin Moore of The Australian Centre for Cosmetic and Penile Surgery on 0414 251 234.

Prof Colin Moore