Two of the Top Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments Explained

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Two of the Top Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments Explained

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Every woman works hard to maintain her independence and unique feminine qualities. Most of these things focus on the way we live, how healthy we are and how we do things in our lives. On the other side of this thought is that women also deal with childbirth which can change the way the body looks over time, and the effects of menopause later in their lives. Women’s bodies are incredibly resilient, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from some big changes that can reduce their confidence and their ability to enjoy sexual pleasures.

For many of our female clients at Australian Centre for Cosmetic/Genital Surgery, the many pregnancies they’ve had over the years and their age have brought out some discomfort in the vaginal area that they want to change. They often come to us with questions about the many options they have for vaginal rejuvenation or reconstruction that can have a large impact on the following:

  • Bladder incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loose skin in the labia or internal muscle and skin laxity
  • Reduced sexual comfort
  • Reduction in sexual stimulation
  • Internal vaginal contouring
  • Aesthetic changes in the labia or vulva

The two top feminine rejuvenation treatments we’re most asked about are the labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.

What is the Difference Between Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty?

We know that it’s one thing for women to have cosmetic procedures, but not many want to talk about their vagina. But what if we told you it was one of the most healthy things in the entire world to speak of? Women are quietly talking about it to their friends and thinking of ways they could maintain youth in this region. However, many of these issues women find themselves worrying about can be addressed with either the vaginoplasty or the labiaplasty procedures. Let’s talk about the difference between the two surgical procedures:

  • Vaginoplasty

This surgery works within the vaginal opening and into the muscle layer within the vaginal canal. The muscles in this area are the ones that become loose and create a lax feeling within the walls that can cause discomfort or most of the reduced sensation during sexual activity. During this procedure with Prof. Collin Moore, he will pull back the skin in the vaginal canal and restructure the muscle layers to retain tightness and contour the structure so you’ll feel more like you on the inside and out. In addition to restructuring the internal layers of muscle, many of our clients like to combine this procedure with the labiaplasty. During your consultation ask Prof. Collin Moore which is best for you.

  • Labiaplasty

If the interior of the vaginal canal feels okay, we might look only for a superficial restructuring of the labia. The labia are the outer structures of the vagina that are the doors to your vaginal canal. To avoid loose skin here that for many of our female patients makes them feel self-conscious, we work to reduce excess and loose skin here by removing the skin and reworking the aesthetic quality of the labia. You’ll appear refreshed and look as young as you feel inside. For our patients who want a complete change in the interior and exterior portions of the vagina, then both of these procedures, the vaginoplasty (internal) and labiaplasty (exterior) should be performed together.

During your consultation with Prof. Moore at the Australian Centre for Cosmetic/Genital Surgery, he will explain the benefits of both to you concerning your particular situation. To schedule your consultation for surgical feminine rejuvenation, call the Australian Centre for Cosmetic/Genital Surgery at 0414 251 234.

Prof Colin Moore