What are the Risks with Fat Injections to Enlarge your Buttocks?

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What are the Risks with Fat Injections to Enlarge your Buttocks?

Fat Injections Buttocks

Since the early days of ‘baby got back’, the admiration and notoriety of a ‘great big booty’ has increased exponentially. Champions of embracing their curves the Kardashians, J-Lo, Nicky Minaj, Beyonce and Iggy Azalea have lead an emergence in the popularity of buttock augmentation procedures. But, before you take the step to enhance your ass-et make sure the reward outweighs the risks.

What is buttock augmentation (aka Brazilian butt lift)?

The butt lift aims to increase fullness, roundness and projection of the buttock. The procedure may assist in improving the balance and proportions of your figure and enhance your self-image and self-confidence. Buttock augmentation surgery may involve fat transfer via injections, silicone implants, or sometimes a combination of both to achieve the desired buttocks.

Who gets a lift?

Don’t like the shape of your buttocks? Are you looking to balance body proportions? This may be the surgery for you. It is commonly performed in one of two ways, with implants or fat transfer. The fat transfer procedure is commonly known as a “Brazilian butt lift.” The decision to have buttock augmentation surgery is extremely personal.

Fat injections: what fat and where from?

Injections involve removing fat from your own body and using it to re-inject in your body to shape your own butt. Fat can be taken via liposuction from hips, abdomen or lower back. The fat is then purified and injected back in utilising a series of injections across the buttocks. Injections are done to varying depths to ensure the greatest fat absorption rate.

Risks of injecting fat into your butt


As with any procedure the risk lies with who’s behind the knife, or in the butt lift case, behind the suction and syringe. The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, Director of Surgery, Professor Colin Moore holds over 40 years of cosmetic surgery experience and will consult with you to empower you to make informed decisions about your surgery. Surgery is performed at the Medica Centre Hurstville or at Maroubra Day Surgery. You should have realistic expectations, and be in good overall health, with a healthy weight. All surgeries carry general risks of blood loss, blood clots, bruising, swelling, numbness, pain, infection and risk from anaesthesia.

Beyond the general surgical risks are the potential for fat injection specific risks.

  1. Reabsorption, approximately 30% of the time the fat injected is reabsorbed in to the body.
  2. Additional surgery to correct the fat absorption and consequent asymmetry.
  3. Fat embolism, injection of fat into the bloodstream that causes inflammation in the lungs.
  4. Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis) which can present as an area of hardening and pain that may become infected requiring further medical intervention.
  5. Disappointment in the results as the effect of the transfer may not last as long as you would like.

Risks will be fully discussed prior to surgery during your consultation with Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, Director of Surgery, Professor Colin Moore. Each buttock augmentation procedure has specific steps that you need to take to ensure a healthy recovery and good results.

If you have a barely there, Brazilian style bikini in mind to decorate your shapely behind this summer now is the time to call The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery . Ensure that the ‘junk put in your trunk’ is performed by the best in the business with minimal risks.

For more information on buttock augmentation and the risks of fat injections or to arrange a consultation to discuss these, visit The Australian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, complete a contact form or call us on 0414251234.



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