What is the Recovery Time for Penis Surgery?

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What is the Recovery Time for Penis Surgery?

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A man may request penis surgery for a variety of reasons, but one question tends to be common throughout – what can I expect after my procedure? The recovery from this type of surgery can cause anxiety for many men, even making them hesitant to pursue their functional and aesthetic goals due to fear about the recuperation process. Fortunately, we can put most of those concerns to rest by providing an overview of the penis surgery recovery process and a timetable that allows prospective patients to plan for their operation.

Immediately Following Your Surgery

Many penis treatments can be performed as day surgery, which means you can go home a few hours after your operation. You should have someone drive you home and remain with you for a day or two to ensure you don’t experience any complications from the anaesthesia. In some cases, a night or two in the hospital may be necessary, so that you can begin your recovery carefully monitored by attentive medical staff. You will know whether you will be staying overnight before your surgery day in most cases.

Pain is a common concern for men after penis surgery, particularly during the first two or three days. Professor Moore uses a system designed to reduce discomfort during this time, known as a “pain-buster” system, which releases a local anaesthetic into the surgical site for the first 48 to 72 hours. Medication may also be prescribed to prevent erections during this time, protecting the sutures and any grafts that were used in the procedure. Antibiotics are also commonly used to keep infection away.

For the first two days, you will be advised to get plenty of rest and keep activity to a minimum. After that point, light activity is allowed and even encouraged to promote healthy blood flow and the healing process. However, you will likely experience some discomfort if you do too much, letting you know to slow it down until your body is ready for more vigorous exercise. Driving is prohibited until you are no longer taking narcotic pain medication, as they can impair your judgment, mental clarity and motor function.

The First Week

In addition to managing discomfort during the early recovery process, you will also be given instructions for dealing with swelling that is common after penis surgery. Typically, application of ice packs and elevation of the scrotum will help to relieve swelling considerably. It is also recommended that you keep the penis pointing toward the navel as much as possible, to avoid a downward curve as it heals. Bruising also frequently occurs after any type of surgery, including penis surgery. Fortunately, most of the discoloration should subside within a week or two.

Incision care will be important, as this can minimise scarring after surgery. You will have instructions as to when you can shower, which is usually after the sutures dissolve or are removed by Professor Moore. If your sutures must be taken out, that is usually performed two weeks after the procedure. In most cases, incisions for penis surgery are relatively small and placed carefully in areas where post-surgical scarring will not be noticeable.

Getting Back to Work

Your ability to return to work after penis surgery will depend on the type of procedure you have and the physical challenges of your job. If you sit behind a desk most of the day, you will likely be back at work within about one week. If your work is more strenuous or taxing, you may need to wait two weeks or even longer to resume your full schedule. Professor Moore will advise you on the amount of time you need to ensure a safe and complete recovery process.

Exercise and Sex

When it comes to sex and your workouts, you will need to be a bit more patient. Again, the full timeframe will vary based on the extent of your surgical procedure, but four to six weeks is often recommended. Professor Moore will advise you on your specific timeframe as he will monitor your recovery progress after surgery.

Once you have fully recovered from your penis surgery, the new look and function of your penis should be long-lasting. If the procedure is handled by an experienced surgeon, the chances are good that you will not experience complications or need to return for revision surgery. However, if you have any concerns at all during your recovery or afterward, the staff at Australia Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery is always available to answer your questions.

No matter what your issues might be regarding the appearance or function of your penis, there may be a surgical treatment to restore both form and function. To learn more about your options in penis surgery, contact the Australia Centre for Cosmetic and Genital Surgery today on 0414 251 234.

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